Merry Christmas from the Jaquez Family!

Our first Holiday Card and as Mr. & Mrs. This year has been an amazing year filled with blessings and challenges. Both of which my husband and I have embraced. Passions turned into business ventures. Clients turned friends, they have supported us every step of the way. Families that keep encouraging every crazy idea. Parents who get on their knees every day before God and pray for us. There are many more challenges, blessings, and changes coming our way. 2012 looks promising in all aspects of our lives. Faith, Personal, and Business. God is Good! ( Can I get an Amen!) With that said we would like to Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas! – Johnny & Cynthia Jaquez

For anyone who is wondering most of these blog post are brought to you by the other half, the wife.

Design – Johnny Jaquez

One Response to “Merry Christmas from the Jaquez Family!”
  1. Nicole Jaquez says:

    I knew Cynthia was the one behind most of the post! Great team you two:) nj

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