Senior Session – Redlands, Ca

Meet Debonee…this is her last year in High School and the world will soon become her Oyster. I met Debonee when she was a freshman, I was her Upward Bound tutor…sigh…she is all grown now and ready for the next chapter of her life.

Every time I do a senior photo session, I always think ” I wish I had senior pictures like these when I was in high school!”. I had your stereotypical “rest your head on your hands, tilt your head, and say cheese” studio portraits done. They turned out “OK”, but didn’t reflect my personality or style in any way, shape, or form. My smile was forced, I hated the fake  backdrop, large numbers, and the photographer was interesting.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot with Debonee…a Senior at Fontana High School.  We started out at the train tracks in Downtown Redlands and walked around downtown having some fun. Here are  some of my favorites from the day.

One Response to “Senior Session – Redlands, Ca”
  1. Henry Jaquez says:

    She’s wearing Fontana and taking pics in Redlands… hummm…

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