Are we meant to Be?

It took us a while to put our feelings into words and to become so exposed. But now that we have I feel that we can become professional writters…jk..but seriously maybe.

We feel that the most important aspect of picking a wedding photographer is knowing you connect with them, could you be friends, do you like their style, their goals for your day, do you trust the story they are going to tell through their camera on YOUR wedding day. When you choose us we are honored and humbled to be a part of your wedding, and become part of your story and journey as a married couple. You are not another client. You are two people with dreams, goals, a journey, and a story to tell.

We love photographing weddings, engaged couples, mothers, families, anniversaries, laughter, and love. Long story short we LOVE to photograph LIFE and the PEOPLE who so carefully craft it. It’s a hard job…I Know…but someone has to do it. Arent you glad it’s us!? Apple junkies, cupcake loving, Palm Spring wanderers…

Now, how do we know if we are meant to be? Let’s find out.

  • Are you looking for a photographer who can bring you images that show-off your true personalities, (all of it) and the love and emotion that you bring out in each other?
  • Do you like photos that tell a story? Simply because you rather look at images than read… 😉 Or that might just be Johnny…
  • Do you think that fantastic, fun & artistic photography is an investment, and one of the things that will last after your wedding day is said and done? Maybe one of the only things that you will use to decorate your new home.
  • Do you want artistic, fun,  stand alone wedding photos that scream “we are madly in love” and “ready to take over the world” all over your new home?
  • Do you want to show off your photos to everyone? Do you want to show them to your grand kids 100 years from now, and have them feel like they know what it was like to be there? Do you want them to enjoy the party, the details, the day, the emotions, and the life that took place that day?
  • Are you getting married because you are madly in LOVE and willing to commit for the REST OF YOUR LIVES!? Through all of life’s challenges? To live Happily Ever Lasting in God’s grace?
  • Do you LOVE food?
  • Are you addicted to Pinterest and blogs? My wife is…
  • Do you want your wedding to be amazing?

If you answered “HECK YES” to all of these questions then we would be THRILLED to work with you! Let’s meet a local coffee shop and talk.

We will not turn out to be the lowest priced photography team out there we totally agree with Jer & Ash from “We Arethe Parsons”, we believe you’ll see why when you view our website and blog. We put LOTS of time, money, work, creativity, and LOVE into everything we do. All of this with one purpose in mind. To give you the best memories. We have experience in architecture, graphic design, hospitality design, and much more and we use it all for you! We pour all of our talents into photography, your photography. We spend countless hours perfecting our art. Learning and taking inspiration from the best. On average we’ll spend 40-50 hours pouring ourselves into the process of your wedding or event, making each photo perfect. We want to capture the essence of your wedding, your love and those around you.  We don’t want to be another one of your “wedding vendors”. We want to build a lasting friendship with you, (after all you are trusting us with the most important day of your life) so you can trust us to capture all the moments that matter most to you on your wedding day and all that happens after you’ve said “I Do”

With all of that said we are honored and humbled that you took your time to read this. Thanks so much for considering us! We love to meet new people and make new friends!

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