Fun & Funky Santa Monica Shoot- Delgado Family

Today I am excited to share images of this family. They are drop dead gorgeous! I think you will agree with me. This was my first family shoot of 2012, I couldn’t have asked for a better family to kick the New Year off with. This wonderful family drove down to Santa Monica for their shoot. They endure traffic and difficult parking (such troopers). On top of that, they arrived with THE raddest little boys dressed to perfection…bow ties, tuxedo shirts, and cute hats. They even brought balloons! Sessions like these make me SO happy 🙂 Lots of LOVE to the Delgado family! Looking forward to a lasting friendship with you.

5 Responses to “Fun & Funky Santa Monica Shoot- Delgado Family”
  1. Liz Delgado says:

    You have captured moments that I have everyday with my family in such perfection. You have brought tears to my eyes. The talent God has blessed you with shines bright. Thank you to both of you for these timeless pictures.

  2. andreis adame says:

    WOW!! These pictures are AMAZING! Doesn’t hurt that you used such a Beautiful family! I love how you captured them just “hangin at the beach” You just scored a future client.

  3. xotchil says:

    beyond beautiful!! your really captured who they are!! ❤

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