Lucas is 9 months!!!

Happy 9th months to our little Lucas! We are the proud uncle and auntie to this handsome little gentleman. Isn’t he dashing? We are fascinated by how fast and perfect he is growing. Every day he seems to grow bigger and stronger. His head is filling up with more hair and his little mouth is … Continue reading

Sugarbird Desserts – Redlands,Ca

If there is a befitting time for a cake it would be today. Spring is here and the air is fresh and crisp. To us that means that it’s the perfect time for cake! Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Heather from Sugarbird Desserts. Feast your eyes on the deliciousness below! … Continue reading

Midnighthour Praise Band

Happy Sunday everyone! Meet the folks of “Midnighthour Praise”.  A Praise Band ready to share the love of Jesus Christ and their  talent to the World.  One of our goals when we decided to move back to the Inland was to share our talents with our Church. This was a great beginning and such a … Continue reading

Emmanuel + Valerie, Wedding

Meet Emmanuel and Valerie! Talk about a last-minute booking and trust! I officially booked this couple less than a week before their wedding and did not meet with the bride and groom. I met with the maid of honor, I met Emmanuel and Valerie the day of their wedding. But we had a great consultation … Continue reading

Sandra’s Senior Session + Horses

Happy Monday! It has been a blessed weekend at the Jaquez household. I could not think of a better post for Monday than Sandra’s senior session. Sandra and her sisters are very special to me because I have witness them grow from shy High School freshmen to bold and curious High School Seniors and College … Continue reading