Jenny + Henry // Wedding – San Gabriel, Ca

On January 12th we woke up early and made our way to Henry and Jenny’s wedding day, the day started at 5:30 am it was cold but a cup of coffee and a sense of gratefulness reminded us of how wonderful this day would be.  We felt refreshed 2012 was an amazing year and we … Continue reading

Silvia + Ernie // Engagement – Forest Falls, Ca

I simply don’t have any fancy words to describe how beautifully perfect this session is…that is hard I like to tell stories, it’s who I am.  What we love about photography is that people invite us into their stories, a season in their lives,  the best way for me (the wife) to repay them is … Continue reading

Living 2013 with Purpose

2012 was a fabulous year! Breathtakingly awesome –full of life, moments, things, and people that have unexpectedly change everything in our lives and have at many time left us spinning, breathless, dreaming! It’s also been a really freaking hard year…filled with challenges, deadlines, and lots and lots of change–many things have changed, difficult lessons have … Continue reading