Adriane + Juan // Engagement // Callaway Winery

Adriane and Juan  are one of those couples that are so natural and comfortable around each other so natural that they don’t know it! We walked away from their shoot feeling like it was just too easy…but somehow we couldn’t help but feel that all sessions should feel that way. Easy, because the connection between two people in love is so obvious and contagious. Easy, because we could see the excitement and the over-flow of joy is Adriane’s beautiful eyes. Adriane and Juan choose Callaway Winery as the background for their session and oh boy did they win the “perfect day” lottery. But enough from me, Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Adriana_Juan_eng_blogAdriana_Juan_eng_blog2 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog3Adriana_Juan_eng_blog_vertAdriana_Juan_eng_blog4 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog5Adriana_Juan_eng_blog6Adriana_Juan_eng_blog_vert2 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog7 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog_vert3 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog8Adriana_Juan_eng_blog9Adriana_Juan_eng_blog10 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog11 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog12 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog_vert4 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog13 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog14 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog15 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog16 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog17Adriana_Juan_eng_blog18Adriana_Juan_eng_blog_vert5 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog19 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog20 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog21 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog22 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog23 Adriana_Juan_eng_blog24

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