Meza Family // Big Bear, Ca

It is definitely the season for family photos! If you ask me all year long should be family photo season! We are loving this session for many reasons but mainly because it’s our family! As you you will see none of us can stay serious and “normal” for more than a few seconds. This sessions was filled with lots of laughter, sillinies, and our best attempt at the “Miley Twerk” don’t ask why. Somehow our 12 year old sister convinced all of us that it be a good idea. My parents are the proud parents of 8 kids and as our family grows I love to get all of us together for family sessions because its a reason for all of us to spend a day together and every time fun memories are made! My heart wants to explode with joy as I write these humble words because I can’t imagine what I have done in life to deserve such an amazing family. Seriously Johnny and I are truly blessed by our families and love them so much! Friends we wish you all a beautiful Christmas Season filled with blessings and the love of family and friends! Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog2 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog3 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog4 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog5 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog6 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog7 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog8 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog9 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog10 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog11 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog_V Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog12 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog13 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog_V3 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog16 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog15 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog14 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog17 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog18 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog19 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog_V4 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog20 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog21 Meza_Family_2013_DEC_blog22

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