Romo Family + One // Live Oak Canyon Yucaipa, Ca

This is the time of year when things slow down a little and weddings are few and far in between and we are so grateful for this time of quietness and a slower pace of life because it allows us the time to capture one of the most important things in our lives, family. During wedding season it becomes almost impossible for us to offer family sessions. We’ve had the pleasure of documenting a whole lot of families in the past couple of days and today we wanted to share a family that is very important to us! My sister-in-law and her beautiful family. Seeing her family grow from 2 to 4 and now to 5 has been such a joy! We love our nephews and the laugh and quirkiness they bring to family gatherings. Thomas and Lucas love Johnny and I love to watch them play and just enjoy each others presence. This is the Romo family and these photos announce the joy and enthusiasm we all share as we wait for baby Isaias to make his grand entrance into this place call Earth…

Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog3 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog_V Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog4 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog5 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog6 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog7 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog_V2 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog8 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog9 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog10 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog_V3 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog11 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog12 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog13 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog14 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog_V4 Romo_Family_2013_Dec_blog15

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