Coria + Vega Family // Claremont, Ca

As a photographer I get to meet a lot of amazing people, that’s one of the perks of this profession of mine, come to think about it there are many perks! But none better than getting to photograph the families of old family friends who I had not seen in over 12 years….

Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog2 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog3 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog4 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog5 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog6 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog7 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog8 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog9 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog10 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog11 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog12 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog13 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog16 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog17 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog18 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog19 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog20 Coria_Vega_Fam_Blog21

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