Christmas at Disneyland

Whose missing Christmas already? We are! It’s been quiet around here for the past few weeks, this year we decided to leave the blogging and recaps to everyone else. We just wanted to enjoy the Holidays and soak it all in as much as possible because as I am sure you noticed that time of year flies by. For us the Holidays ended last night, perks of being first generation American is that our families still follow some traditions from the mother-land and anything that extends the Holiday season is awesome in our book. This year we plan to do live with more intention rather than running around trying to keep up with the masses, and we plan to start here. You will see a lot more than just photography, you will see little pieces of our lives because after all our intention is to create community and create a story worth telling. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you all an amazing 2014! In case you are missing Christmas or did not get a chance to visit the happiest place on earth in all of its Christmas glory, here you go! Enjoy!

Disneyland_Christmas_blog Disneyland_Christmas_blog2 Disneyland_Christmas_blog3 Disneyland_Christmas_blog4 Disneyland_Christmas_blog5 Disneyland_Christmas_blog6 Disneyland_Christmas_blog7 Disneyland_Christmas_blog8 Disneyland_Christmas_blog9 Disneyland_Christmas_blog10 Disneyland_Christmas_blog11 Disneyland_Christmas_blog12 Disneyland_Christmas_blog13 Disneyland_Christmas_blog14 Disneyland_Christmas_blog15 Disneyland_Christmas_blog16 Disneyland_Christmas_blog17 Disneyland_Christmas_blog18 Disneyland_Christmas_blog19 Disneyland_Christmas_blog20 Disneyland_Christmas_blog21 Disneyland_Christmas_blog22 Disneyland_Christmas_blog23 Disneyland_Christmas_blog24 Disneyland_Christmas_blog25

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