Parklund // Local Artisans

Anybody who knows us knows that we are passionate people…we try to love everything we do whole-heartedly. We love weddings because we love marriage. Marriage is the life of that professed love, its beautiful and messy at the same time. With that same passion we love small business owners, artisans, creatives. We love them because they understand that burning passion. They know that it takes a good amount of crazy to pursue what you love. Josh, from Parklund Leather Craft is the crazy passionate individual behind these amazing leather creations. Seriously how incredibly amazing are these? 100% hand crafted their quality is meant to resist the trials of time. Check them out and fall in love with the passion and dedication that it takes to make each and every single product. We felt so honored to have been given the opportunity to go into Josh’s studio and see how he works and learn what inspires him.

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