Juliana + Dan // Engagement

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is getting to document the stories of old  friends. Juliana and I (the wife) met in college, we spent some amazing and life changing moments together and being able to document her engagement to Dan is a treat! Dan met Juliana before she met him he’d actually been to her place before and Juliana did not even know it. Isn’t it amazing how funny life can be? Soon they will become husband and wife and share a lifetime of stories. Juliana_Dan_blog Juliana_Dan_blog2 Juliana_Dan_blog3 Juliana_Dan_blog4 copy Juliana_Dan_blog5 Juliana_Dan_blog6 copy Juliana_Dan_blog7 Juliana_Dan_blog8 Juliana_Dan_blog9 Juliana_Dan_blog10 Juliana_Dan_blog11 Juliana_Dan_blog12 Juliana_Dan_blog13 copy Juliana_Dan_blog14 Juliana_Dan_blog15 copy Juliana_Dan_blog16 Juliana_Dan_blog18 Juliana_Dan_blog19 Juliana_Dan_blog20 Juliana_Dan_blog21 copy Juliana_Dan_blog22 Juliana_Dan_blog23 Juliana_Dan_blog24 copy Juliana_Dan_blog25 Juliana_Dan_blog26

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